Drought is one of the biggest risks facing the stability and prosperity of ASAL regions of Africa. For instance, there is evidence indicating that drought is largely responsible for 80% of the loss of livestock assets in Northern Kenya. The effect of climate change has reduced the interval between adverse periods and made it increasingly unpredictable. The cyclical nature of drought makes it more devastating and has tested traditional coping mechanisms to their limits.

Managing this growing and cyclical drought risk requires an innovative solution to help mitigate its effect on pastoralist families. The recognition of this need was at the core of efforts that resulted in the research, design and piloting Index-Based Livestock Insurance program (IBLI) in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Umma Insurance is one of the leadings private sector institutions that has practical understanding of the design, piloting and scaling of financial services in pastoralist communities, especially index livestock insurance. Umma’s experience includes community engagement, channel design and rollout and the application of tech instruments to improve customer acquisition and claims payment.

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  • Livestock
  • Crop Insurance
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Marine Insurance

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