Every family has a base it calls home that brings and holds together the family, it’s assets, its history and values. Your home may be the biggest and most important asset your family owns. It may be your biggest investment so far. Whether you live in leased property or you own it, your home represents the security and wellbeing of your family. It underlines the safety and sustainability of your loved ones.

Our team of experienced professionals are on hand to help you pick the right combination of coverage to protect your home and its valuables. We will help you simplify and understand the potential exposures. We are here to help you mold various risks and potential exposure such as domestic fire, floods, theft, burglary, accident to domestic workers, accident to family members and occupier’s liability into a single home insurance policy in line with needs and budget.

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Motor Insurance

Our comprehensive insurance plan aims to protect you against all sort theft, physical damage to the car, bodily injury of the passenger of the car and in addition to this; it also covers third-party liability.