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These are long term policies that provide financial assistance to family in the event of death, disability, accidents or critical illness of a principal. Family policies have two categories namely Individual (academia, investment etc) or group policies (facility guard, group family cover, last expense). In the event of calamity, family products lessen the potential suffering of dependents significantly.

1. Personal Accident Cover

Our personal accident cover offers compensation for death, permanent disablement, temporary loss of income due to disablement and medical expenses arising from an accident.

Schedule of Benefits
  • Compensation for Permanent Total Disablement

  • Compensation for Temporary Total / Partial Disablement

  • Critical Illness Cover

  • Accidental Medical Expenses

  • Compensation in case of death

  • Funeral Expenses

  • Hospital Cash

  • Artificial Appliances

  • Tuition during incapacitation

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2. Domestic Package

The cover designed specially for your residence.

It is arranged to cater for almost everything you have worked hard for in your household including:

  • The buildings,

  • The contents (furniture, clothing, kitchen equipment cutlery etc)

  • The electronics (TVs, Videos, Cameras, Watches, Music systems etc)

  • Domestic servants (in door and out door)

  • Sports equipment (Golf, squash, riding etc)

The policy extends to include your personal liability either as an owner or an occupier of the premises to third parties, for damage to third party property or death/injury to third parties arising out your use of the premises.

3. Student Personal Accident Cover

Covers all students for death, permanent disability, reimbursable medical expenses, funeral expenses & all threatening conditions which if not attended to immediately might result in death such as an Asthma Attack.

Motor Insurance

Our comprehensive insurance plan aims to protect you against all sort theft, physical damage to the car, bodily injury of the passenger of the car and in addition to this; it also covers third-party liability.

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